Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Anouncement about OCL

The OCL project (Onda Class Library), is changing. As of 00:01 today, July 1st 2014, all former OCL modules were fused into a new project, now called JamLib, gaining the repository code J4. Only the drivers will continue on separate repositories. It is the perfect date for that as well. Today was OCLs 10th anniversary since it was first called as such.
Soon we will present to you OCL's new home in the Jamanta Universe site.
In 2002, the first line - of what was later to be called Onda Class Library - was written. At that time, was called SmartSQL and was to be only a SQL database abstraction library. Later, in July 1st 2004, already growing beyond being a simple SQL database abstraction library, it was finally named OCL, after a voting that opposed that name to Onda Class Framework. At that time, the source repositories were simple RSYNC repositories with no version control and it was only on January 10th 2006 that they were finally ported to Subversion.
Since then, OCL suffered several periods of rapid advancement and stagnation due to lack of human resources. Now, with this new injected energy and the new team members, all projects are advancing faster than before including, now, JamLib.
A special thanks to the original members of the OCL Team (José Cadete and Nuno Afonso - and, later, André Lamego and Pedro Ferreira), to the new team members and, last but definitely not least, the Team Mommy, for her superhuman patience and inspiration.