Sunday, June 8, 2014

MISter: the Mini-ITX-cluSter

It's been one more busy week. Between teaching classes and working on the projects we finally managed to get our hands on something long coming: building a mini-cluster for our projects, more specifically, one that we know that will be a revolution and which we are close to revealing.
Well, we decided to call the mini-cluster MiSter (for Mini-ITX cluSter). We are also building an appropriate structure for holding it rack-style, including automated environmental control, a shared power-supply and slide-out board holders. And we will be sharing the evolution with you. Without further delay, here are the goodies.

The materials arrive

Here are the boards that Intel offered us. These are going to be the first "victims" of MISter.

Here is the base structure already put together. The rails are still missing.

Now we're setting up the rails and are going to start making the board shelves.

More soon.