Friday, September 7, 2012

New projects

Some of you already know how we like to do everything big. We are a great team (or team of teams) and teams constantly generate ideas. In keeping up with that, we have two new projects to present to you. The first one is called Geodata. It will be a small, open API to access our database of generic and simple geographic data. You will have access to querying our server for country codes, mobile country codes, mobile network codes, country phone prefixes, a CSV to KML converter, cell tower locations by ID and eventually much more. We are publishing this information because while in the process of researching for other internal projects, we noticed that there was a frequent need to access such type of data and we realized it would be nice to have it centralized.
The second project is still under consideration - we haven't decided yet if it will go forward - but it is very interesting. It has been suggested the building of an opensource 3D printer for printing large formats, appropriately named "MegaFab". MegaFab is supposed to be able to build parts as large as a small desk. We are considering giving it the ability to switch between different types of fabrication (SLS, injection and Inkjet, probably switching heads with human interaction) to make it more versatile. This would also come in handy in several of our projects, including the e-SUV. As with the other projects, we have the human capital. We only lack the other resources.
So, stay tuned as we prepare to give you some more news.

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